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Affordable Solar Solutions

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Education,  design,  installation and repair. One stop shop for all your Home or Business solar solutions!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Supporters

Your Passion.  Our Help.  Reducing your energy needs at the right cost!

Experience & Expertise

Professional Solar Design Engineers

From design to installation to repair, our team of professionals is standing by to help you with your project!


education.jpgAre all your friends and neighbors putting up solar solutions on their homes? Are you confused from all the ads and phone calls about solar? If yes, we can help. For a very small cost and 3 hours of your time, we will walk you through a step by step education on solar solutions for your home. You will leave the class with all the tools you will need to take the next step towards installing solar on your home, but you call the shots and save. Register through Grossmont Adult School

Design & Installation

design.jpgYou have choices. We design the system for your home with all the necessary documentation. We then walk the design through your local permitting office and get it approved. You become the general contractor. With this role, you can purchase the parts and install the system yourself as a DIY (Do It Yourself). If this is over your head, you can purchase through us and we will install for you, again saving you hard earned money. Contact Us


repair.jpgWhen it comes to repair, we are the best in all of Southern California! We have invested in all the latest technology and tools to diagnose your system and resolve any issues, many times in one visit. We are one of the leading repair service companies referred by HomeAdvisors and stand proud on our excellent reviews. If your system is down or not performing to full capacity, call us now! Every day you wait, it is costing you money and making you more dependent on the power grid. Contact Us

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